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Labor Saving Wrench Made in China


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The Cheater Wrench is a torque multiplier lug wrench that outputs at a 1:78 ratio, allowing you to generate enough force to loosen and remove any wheel nut from your truck, trailer, RV, bus, tractor or other heavy duty vehicle. The convenient carrying case includes the Cheater Wrench, four 1-inch drive sockets (41mm, 38mm, 33mm and SQ 21mm), one socket extender, a 1:1 output speed bar and a handle. This heavy duty lug wrench is made of cast iron and is so solid and durable it comes with a full lifetime warranty. This warranty is non-transferable and voided if you use the Cheater Wrench with an impact gun. You can find plenty of cheap knockoffs, but there's only one Cheater Wrench. Don't get ripped off by one of those cheap knockoffs. Most are too small to handle trailer wheels and only work on steering wheels. They are also much smaller and weaker which is why you will not find any with a lifetime warranty. Trust the original. Trust the best. Get the Cheater Wrench. Please provide a U.S. Postal Service deliverable address.
Model QL -78D-A Trans-speed ratio1:78
Max torque output>7500N.MSocket 32,33mm
Weight9.5KG/SetsCtn size*341*34*23.5cm
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