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  1. Riz

    Store Support Ticket Format

    Username: Real Name: Email Address: Paypal Transaction ID's: Purchase Date: Have You Made A Purchase: Can You Confirm You Made This Purchase On Behalf Of Yourself? Was There Any Chargeback Involved In This Case? Do you understand by purchasing and/or submitting a store ticket you are...
  2. Riz

    Application Rules and Requirements

    When applying you must be: A registered member of FrostedLands. A member of the FrostedLands Discord server with a working microphone. Have at least 24 hours of playtime. Be active in the community. Be well known among community members. Have no bans on your record in the past week. Be willing...
  3. Riz

    Staff Application Format

    Name: What Country and Time Zone are you from? How did you come to FrostedLands? How long have you played on our server for? Why do you want to be part of the staff team? Why should you be accepted on the staff team? Staff History: Availability: Do you have Discord? Do you have a...
  4. Riz

    Ban Appeal Format

    Username: Why were you banned (Screenshot of Your Ban Message): How long were you banned for: Who banned you: Why should your ban be removed: Who was involved:
  5. Riz

    Ban Request Format

    Offender's name: Where did this happen? (ie. Server name): Reason for request: Evidence if available: Witnesses: Additional Information:
  6. Riz

    FrostedLands Rules

    General Rules No chargebacks of any payments are allowed No stalking/harassing any player No leaking player's personal information without permission Do not evade a ban or mute on any FrostedLands server Scamming is not allowed and will lead to a 6-month ban Use common sense. Main Rules No...